郝军政 沈文华


Shen Wenhua


Huang Xuegui, a professor at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. In recent years, the first volume (2017) and second volume (2021) of his poetry collection "Yuyanzhai Yin Gao" have been published by Zhejiang University Press. He has also authored academic monographs ("Trilogy") such as "Frustration and Life", "Personality and Life", and "Aesthetics and Life", as well as various collections of poems and lyrics, earning him the title of "National Poet" in the poetry community. It is reported that the third volume will be published soon.


The author's second volume of poetry collection, I have written two book reviews "Gan Shou Qingxin Zizai Qing" and "Holding Confidence and Comfortably Reciting", which were published in the media such as "China International News" and were included in the preface of the author's poetry collection. I have not commented on the calligraphy included in the author's poetry collection. Recently, I pondered over the author's calligraphy, just as he said in his letter to me, "Living in an era of passionate progress, calligraphy is the reflection of one's heart, and it should sing for the times."


For example, in the first volume of his poetry collection, the author's representative work "Seven Jue - Winter Tree" (Ding Younian), "Standing upright with a dream hidden in its bones, watching over the wilderness and fighting against the cold. The new buds grow strong and drive away the snow and ice, and the ground is covered with green spring light." The author focuses on calligraphy tradition, which may be related to his "expansive poetry and prose". This cursive script clearly inherits the elegance and fluency from the "Two Wangs", and the style of brushwork from the Jin Dynasty is vividly portrayed on the paper. With a few carefree strokes, it even reflects the calligrapher's vibrant feelings for traveling through beautiful mountains and rivers. "Ink has a green color" (Ming Dynasty, Zhang Chou). When readers appreciate the author's calligraphy works, they will definitely read the charming colors behind the black characters from "calligraphy is the reflection of one's heart". After retirement, the author traveled around China and foreign lands with his wife Zhuang Guichun, and their deep love was integrated into poetry or calligraphy art, leaving behind beautiful memories of life. "The ground is covered with green spring light", the author consciously wields his brush freely and naturally, without any trace of carving. Occasionally revealing a sense of relaxation and tranquility, as well as the twists and turns of the brushstrokes, he gains some of the charm of Mi Fu's "natural elegance and superiority", adding a warm and honest interest to the book.


"Winter Tree", the author realizes the philosophical "watch" in real life, outlines people's helplessness towards "ice and snow" and cherishment towards "new buds", vividly tells about the feelings and thoughts of "winter tree" and "spring". When writing, the author's brushstrokes are elastic, the strokes are gentle and the ink color is also lively. There is no habit of flying dragons and dancing phoenixes, but a natural and elegant victory.


Xiao Yan's "Ancient and Modern Book People's Merits and Demerits Evaluation" describes Suo Jing's book as "like a gust of wind suddenly rising, and a fierce bird suddenly flying", while Suo Jing himself named his book "Silver Hook and Centipede Tail". Upon closer examination, the author's cursive writing does indeed have its own style, which is probably due to his frequent study of the "Moon Rituals" album. The author has taught at Zhejiang Normal University, Hangzhou University, and Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, and is a well-known poet of regulated verse, as well as a calligrapher and artist. He is the lifelong honorary chairman of the Poetry and Calligraphy Art Committee of the Chinese National Culture Research Association and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Arts. His poetry, calligraphy, and art have been selected for the Chinese Calligraphy Photography International Exhibition in France, the Second New York Chinese Calligraphy International Invitation Exhibition at Columbia University in the United States, and have been included in the book "World Art Centennial Classics". His works are also collected by the Museum of Modern Art in Sweden, and he has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Royal Academy of Arts in Sweden.


For example, in the "Second Volume" of the book, the author's representative work "Seven Quatrains: Plum Soul" (Ji Hai Year) reads, "Fairy-like elegance permeates the clear fragrance, thin and straight bones stubbornly hold the soul. Covered in snow and ice, what is there to fear, the cold plum alone has the spirit." This piece of cursive writing is even more beautiful and flowing, and is a representative work of the author's more skilled calligraphy. It is said that "letting go and being free like Suo Jing is not as good as following the rules." Wei Guan, who lived in the same period as Suo Jing during the Western Jin Dynasty, wrote "Dunshou Zhoumin Tie". In the poem, the author admires and praises the noble, strong, humble, and inspiring character of the plum blossom, while also expressing his pursuit of his own inner spiritual world. "Thin and straight bones stubbornly hold the soul", the author sympathizes with the weak, respects and cherishes friendship and gratitude for family, and expresses his thoughts through his brushstrokes. "The beauty of calligraphy lies in its temperament, which can be seen in its form." (Qing Dynasty, Bao Shichen) Every stroke is infused with the author's heart and soul, and engraved in his mind. Upon closer examination of the cursive writing in "Plum Soul", the flowing rhythm of "Silver Hook and Centipede Tail" is evident, with strokes that convey the elegance, fragrance, thinness, branches, snow, and plum blossom. The ending strokes are also rich in variation, and even the delicate strokes do not lose their fragility. The author's brushstrokes move towards the lower left, creating a unique aesthetic interest.


Upon examining the author's calligraphy, it is evident that he is skilled in cursive writing, with strokes that flow smoothly and ideas that are connected. His brushstrokes are clear and elegant, with a relaxed and refined style that is "real but not clumsy, and literary but not pretentious." Zhu Xi once commented on the "Seventeen Album" saying, "The Seventeen Album plays with the meaning of the brush, with a calm and generous spirit that transcends the rules, neither bound by them nor seeking to break them. It is truly what is called 'flowing from one's own heart'."


The "History of Chinese Poetry and Literature" published by the Writer's Publishing House in the Year of the Ox includes 30 poems by the author, bringing together the best works of Chinese poetry from more than two thousand years, from pre-Qin to contemporary times. Over the years, the author has also been awarded honorary titles such as "Li Bai Cup Achievement Award for Great Masters", "Du Fu Cup Poetry Saint Award", "Special Contribution Award for Chinese Poetry", "Outstanding Patriotic Poet", and "Soul Casting Gold Cup Award".


The collection of poems in "Yanyu Studio's Poetry Collection" mostly focuses on the themes of scenery, objects, and history, with the content of the author's calligraphy mostly coming from his poetry collection. After years of hard work and dedication, he has developed his own unique perspective. Poetry and calligraphy share the same source, with poetry in calligraphy; mountains and rivers breathe, and heaven and man correspond. By following its veins and exploring its subtleties, the author's insightful mind and the reader's discerning eye are brought together.


The famous calligrapher Shao Huaze inscribed a five-character quatrain for the author, saying "Poetry strives for excellence, but it is difficult to come up with new ideas. The spirit of pine and cypress is solemn, and it is accompanied by the water and clouds." He wishes that Professor Huang Xuegui's "Yanyu Studio's Poetry Collection" (Volume III) will be published soon, with the sound of poetry flowing like water.